Yep, we carry them with us wherever we go and we sometimes wonder who those people are staring up at us. Peruvian banknotes, the Nuevo Sol paper money which nobody ever has change for.

But who are these presumably famous people from peru who adorn the 10, 20, 50, 100 and (yes, it does exist!) 200 Nuevos Soles banknotes? Why is that guy on the 10 Soles note flying his plane upside down so close to the ground? And who is that fellow with glasses who looks like an ageing Harry Potter? As for the 200 Soles note, has anyone actually seen one?

Well, to find out more about these figures from Peruvian history — and the nuevo sol in general — read Peruvian Currency over at my other blog, HowtoPeru.

More Famous Peruvians

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