krotos-resort-tarapotoThe Recreo Campestre Los Krotos lies 15 minutes (by mototaxi) outside Tarapoto on the road to Lamas. If you want to get out of Tarapoto for a relaxing day by the pool, Krotos provides an ideal escape.

Unlike Punta Verde and other pools closer to Tarapoto, Krotos is more open to the elements and more in touch with nature. The staff are friendly, the food is good, and the lush green setting makes lounging by the pool a far more pleasant experience.

Palms and plants of the krotos species (hence the name) surround the pool area, the restaurant, and the individual seating areas. Most importantly, the water in the pool is clean and inviting.

After swimming, have a look at the menu. The prices are reasonable, all your favorite Peruvian specialities can be ordered, every dish is cooked with care and the portions are huge.

After a good lunch, take a stroll around the area. There is a mirador overlooking Tarapoto below, there are fruit trees growing in abundance, and there is an area with some very happy looking chickens and ducks.

Krotos – A Cheap Tarapoto Resort?

Krotos has now been open for about 7 years. Plans are underway for the construction of chalet-type bungalows for guests. Most Tarapoto resorts place a strain on the average backpacker or holidaymaker budget. Once these chalets are open, a weekend or weeklong stay at Krotos could be ideal for visitors looking for both a relaxing atmosphere, a natural environment, and an affordable retreat from the city.

For now, Krotos is a great day trip from Tarapoto. A swim in the pool, a hammock in the shade, a hearty meal, and all in a natural environment….who could ask for more? If you are planning a day trip to Krotos, get their early enough to leave before sunset – the mosquitos can be vicious once it starts to get dark…