200 Nuevo Soles Peru BanknoteAt last, I’ve seen one. Last night, heavily sedated after a pleasant day at the hospital, I was wrapping up a little business and waiting to receive S/.50 from a neighbour.

– “One moment, mister” he said, “I just have to change this 200 soles note…”

– “Wait, wh… where…what did you just say?”

200 Nuevos Soles Banknote Seen in Tarapoto, Peru

Upon seeing the little pink banknote I considered that this momentous moment could have been induced by my medicated state. However, summoning up all my energy to force a clearer head and focused eyes, I realized that I was indeed witnessing my first 200 soles note. The owner of this rarity was amused by my interest, and offered to sell it to me for US$100. I politely declined.

He explained how these notes are held by banks in Peru, but are never distributed by ATMs and, unsurprisingly, are rarely accepted by anyone withdrawing cash from the bank itself. As such, Saint Rose of Lima, honored on the 200 Soles note, doesn’t often show her face in public.

If anyone else has come across a 200 soles note, feel free to leave a comment about the experience!

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