Is Paypal available in Peru? PayPal is not yet fully available in Peru. While I believe that PayPal can be used in Peru for making online purchases, it cannot be used to accept payments. This is a real shame as it limits the opportunities available for Peruvians wishing to use the internet for private money-making purposes.

PayPal in Peru: Writing Online

This is particularly true in my field: online freelance writing. There are many opportunities online for people wishing to write and earn at the same time. But these doors are closed to Peruvians due to payment problems. A writer friend of mine here in Tarapoto recently asked how he could get paid for writing online. Honestly, I’m not too sure.

As far as I can tell, the only option would be to get a relation living in a foreign country (one where PayPal is fully functioning) to set up an account on your behalf. Obviously, this is only possible if such a relation exists. If anyone knows any other (legitimate) options please let me know

PayPal are continuously expanding their territory. How long it will take for PayPal to become fully available in Peru is anyone’s guess. It could be this year or it could be in 10 years time. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

PayPal en Perú

(lo siento por mi mal español!)

Para ganar dinero escribiendo en línea, los escritores necesitan de Paypal para cobrar. Lamentablemente, PayPal no está disponible en el Perú para este. Quizás en el futuro estará disponible, pero cuando? En verdad, no sé.

PayPal está siempre en expansión, así que espero que pronto estará disponible en el Perú.