Tarapoto Airport (officially Aeropuerto Guillermo del Castillo Paredes) is one of 24 or so airports in Peru with regular scheduled flights. It’s located a few kilometres from the town centre.  The airport itself is pretty nice – small and very relaxed but modern and fully functional.

Flights from Tarapoto to Lima

Three flights a day (sometimes this can drop to two) run between Lima and Tarapoto. The price of flights seems to vary, and booking well in advance is always advisable. In general, a return ticket will cost between $100-150 (with LAN or Star Peru). However, promotional flights can cost as little as $60 if you catch them at the right time.

Getting from Tarapoto Airport into Town

Taxis and mototaxis from the airport now run on set rates. A mototaxi to Tarapoto’s main square, for example, costs a flat S/.6. You might be able to find a cheaper ride on the street outside the airport, but it’s not really worth the slight dip in safety.

If you’re booking a hotel room in advance, check to see whether the hotel will pick you up on arrival. Many higher-end hotels, such as Hotel Nilas and Boca Raton, offer free rides to and from the airport.