Forgot to Buy a Tarapoto Souvenir?

Tarapoto Peru Squidoo

Note: It is now September 2014, and the post below is now null, void and pointless. You can continue reading if you like, but it really would be a waste of time. I suggest you do something productive instead, like making chutney. Or maybe try whittling tiny figures out of wood. Thanks.

I was messing around with Squidoo today in order to create a link to this blog. Squidoo is a website that anyone can write for – you create “lenses” that can be about absolutely anything. Obviously, the “lens” that I was making needed to be about Tarapoto in order to link it up with this blog.

Random Tarapoto Merchandise Online

Anyway, you can sell things on Squidoo (you get a small percentage of any sales) so I checked out what was available on Amazon, eBay and CafePress. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d find anything. Surprisingly (for me at least), there were a few T-shirts and baseball caps and some other random things.

This new “lens” of mine is pretty stupid; however, if you’re in desperate need of some Tarapoto-branded goods then check out my daft “Tarapoto, Peru – Souvenir Essentials” lens. It’s worth a look just to see what kind of random things you can come across on the good old World Wide Web…..