Happy New Year! You may have noticed that TarapotoLife looks a bit different in 2011. I’ve moved the blog from the free wordpress.com platform to the more advanced wordpress.org format. It was all a bit technical, and something that I’m not very good at, but I managed to move everything without any problems (or at least none that I’ve noticed so far).


Tarapoto Life: Why Move?

There were a few reasons for the move. Firstly, I was reevaluating my writing priorities in advance of the New Year, and wanted to devote more time to TarapotoLife. That was hard to justify, however, as the blog didn’t earn me any money (an unfortunate necessity). In this new format, I can put up some adverts and maybe earn some cash. I’ll try to keep any ads as relevant as possible; I’m talking to a few Tarapoto hotels and other businesses, and they seem interested (a little hesitant in general, but they like my pitch!).

Secondly, the old blog was very hard to navigate. It wasn’t very user friendly, making it difficult to find relevant info and explore the older posts. This new set-up should solve that. I still have a lot of tweaking to do, so bear with me.  If you come across any bugs or glitches feel free to let me know.

Finally, the new blog is much more powerful and flexible behind the scenes, so I can do things that just weren’t possible before. Anyway, I hope you like the new look, and I’ll try to iron out all the bugs and gremlins as soon as possible.

A quick thanks to fellow writers Prerna Malik and Victoria Nicks for helping me out with the blog transfer process. Greatly appreciated!