tarapoto-hotel-nilasAn air of relaxed sophistication greets you as you venture into the lobby of Hotel Nilas. Peruvian businessmen sit behind the building’s slightly retro facade, calmly chatting in the comfortable reception area with its flowery chairs, ceramic pots and paintings of local life. Occasional gringos flit in and out, braving the heat of the day or returning to the air-conditioned oases of their spotless rooms.

If you’re looking for somewhere safe, comfortable and well-appointed – and located right in the center of town – Hotel Nilas is definitely worth considering.

A 3-Star Tarapoto Hotel in the Center of Town

It may be above the budget of most shoestring backpackers, but Hotel Nilas is a good option if you want the modern amenities and level of service so often lacking in Tarapoto’s cheaper hotels and guesthouses.

All rooms come complete with highly effective air conditioning, cable TV, mini-bar, telephone, Wi-Fi and hot and cold water. Tiled floors and white walls keep the rooms bright and airy, while subtle splashes of decorative colour prevent things from feeling stark.

The hotel staff, meanwhile, goes about its business with quiet efficiency, ensuring that you return from your daytime wanderings to find your room as spotless as the day you arrived. The hotel itself is family-run; Javier Saavedra, the owner’s English-speaking son and general manager of Hotel Nilas, is a friendly and approachable man and a good source of local information and advice.


The Pool and Recreation Area

Another noteworthy feature of Hotel Nilas is the pool and recreation area. It’s a relaxed spot for a swim – at least when there are no screaming children nearby – or you can lounge around on a reclining chair surrounded by small palms and pot plants. Nearby you’ll find a pool table, a foosball (table football) table and a small gym, but all three have seen better days (missing pool balls, not all gym equipment works). Despite that, the pool area remains a focal point of the hotel and a comfortable place to relax in the heart (and heat) of Tarapoto.


Eating at Hotel Nilas

Like most hotels in Peru, Hotel Nilas prepares a free breakfast for all its guests. Unlike many Peruvian hotels, however, the breakfast at Nilas is actually worth getting up for – even with a hangover. Along with standard items such as bread, fruit and coffee, you can choose from breakfast-sized Peruvian specialties like juanes, humitas and tacu tacu. The hotel restaurant also serves food throughout the day, a handy option if you don’t feel like venturing out for a meal.

Hotel Nilas, Tarapoto: Rates and Further Info

Rooms at Hotel Nilas don’t come cheap, at least not when compared with many of Tarapoto’s smaller, simpler hotels and guesthouses. Bear in mind that the following rates are flexible, with these prices representing the higher end of the spectrum:

Room Price
Simple S/. 130.00
Double S/. 180.00
Triple S/. 190.00
Matrimonial S/. 170.00
Matrimonial + Sala S/. 190.00


Hotel Nilas has special promotions as well as non-published rates for companies and individuals who are long-time frequent guests. There’s also a good chance that you can arrange a significantly reduced rate for longer stays, especially during low season.

Contact details:

Hotel Nilas
Address: Jr. Moyobamba 173 Tarapoto Peru (half a block from the main square)
Tel: 51-42-527331
Email: reservaciones@hotelnilas.com
Website: www.hotelnilas.com

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