Police Women Strip Scandal in Tarapoto

police-women-strip-tarapoto-peruTwo of Tarapoto’s female police officers have caused a bit of a ruckus after posting some sexy photos on Facebook.

It’s a free world, of course, but they kind of crossed the line by a) wearing nothing but underwear and their police jackets during the amateur shoot and b) using their own police station as an impromptu photo studio.

Tarapoto Police Women Strip Scandal: In the News

According to the El Comercio website on August 17, officers Deyci Yanet Díaz Cieza and Mayita López Minaya are facing suspension, possibly expulsion, from the Policía Nacional del Perú.

That seems harsh, especially when considering the effort put into the shoot. The lighting is decent, the poses are sufficiently seductive and the set (considering the circumstances) is not too shabby. A slap on the wrists and two weeks of traffic duty outside the Movil Tours bus terminal would surely suffice…

Anyway, good luck to both officers. Next time, take your sexy Facebook profile pics while posing at the Ahuashiyacu waterfall – that’s what all the other Tarapotinas seem to do…