Yep, even more beauty contest content! It took me hours to upload these Miss San Martin 2011 videos, so I thought I might as well stick them in a blog post. Honestly, I’m not that obsessed with beauty pageants, but feel free to psychoanalyse me if you like.

Getting the Party Started

Miss San Martin contests always seem to start with a high energy dance show, normally feauturing students from one of Tarapoto’s universities. This particular group did a fine job, jumping around and shaking bits that most people cannot shake.

Miss Bellavista in the Bikini Round

Bikini round? Swimwear round? I’m not sure what the official terminology is, but no beauty contest would be complete without it. Here we have the beauty representing the province of Bellavista. I think she did an admirable job. To be honest, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can walk in heels like those.

Karen Caro López is Crowned Miss San Martin 2011

Yes, we have a winner. Karen Caro López deservedly claimed the crown of Miss San Martin 2011. The tension was palpable as the two finalists stood side by side awaiting the final result. Keep an eye on the girl in green holding the oversized cheque: she almost upstages everyone by falling flat on her back. Good recovery.