This little blog has been sadly static since December 2012 due to various character flaws such as laziness and greed. I should be ashamed.

Anyway, I’m not, so here’s a quick getting-back-on-track update from Tarapoto, Peru:

Tarapoto apartment

View from my new fifth-floor “apartment” in Tarapoto, Peru.

  • I moved house, swapping my excellent fourth-floor rooftop views for sublime vistas from my current fifth-floor location.
  • I went to Tarapoto’s new(ish) cinema a few times, it’s a pretty sweet place but too many of the films are dubbed into Spanish (and dubbed movies are kind of stupid). More on that later.
  • I’m still writing fulltime about Peru (my new blog is called New Peruvian).
  • I went to a motokar cross event on the outskirts of town, which basically involves a bunch of guys racing mototaxis around a dirt track while dodging Peruvian spectators who casually walk across the circuit, oblivious to the oncoming racers. Fantastic.
  • I bought a dog.
  • My wife has opened a little bar on the same street as the Stonewasi bar, opposite La Patarashca and the Suchiche cafe/cultural center. Come along for a drink.

That’s all for now. Feel free to come down to the bar for a beer and to say hello, I’ll probably be there way too often.

little max labrador

My little black labrador Max when he was little. He’s not quite so little now.