There’s been a surge in street art in Tarapoto and San Martin recently, thanks largely to the Festival Equilibrio that took place in August 2013.

A good place to go see some fine examples is along “El Bulevar” (“The Boulevard,” or Alameda de la Paz), a street that snakes along the edge of town looking down over La Banda de Shilcayo. Here you can find work by Evoca1, a street artist now based in Miami but born in the Dominican Republic, and Peruvian artist Jonatan Rivera (JADE).

Art Along the Boulevard

tarapoto art evoca1

The focal point along the street is Evoca1’s jaguar/man with bird combination, two towering figures that reveal more detail the closer you get. Evoca1 is  a self taught artist with no formal art training.

Evoca1 street art in Tarapoto, Peru

Evoca1 man with bird, Tarapoto

Evoca1 jaguar in Tarapoto, Peru

evoca1 and jade street art in peru

Other works along El Bulevar include the Evoca1-JADE collaboration above…

JADE street art Peru

… and this impactful solo piece by Peruvian artist JADE.

Street art in Tarapoto, Peru
I haven’t been able to put a name to the work above, but it looks very similar to some pieces of street art I saw in Miraflores, Lima, done by DCT (that’s what the tag in Lima says, anyway). You can see one of these Lima pieces in my article about Lima’s fictional museum of contemporary art.


Even the drain covers are pretty sweet along the boulevard, not that you need any more reasons to stroll along this particularly artistic street. There are more works dotted around Tarapoto, as well as in Lamas and Moyobamba. If you know of any prime examples, feel free to leave the street name and number below so that I and anyone else can take a look (you could also take a photo and put it on the TarapotoLife Facebook page).