Chucky the Tarapoto Puppy

A couple of weeks ago, a guy came to our bar offering to sell my wife a puppy. She declined his offer because we already have a six-month-old labrador and not enough space for another dog. That, however, was not the end of that…

My wife called me at home explaining the situation. Having said no to the little thing, the guy asked if he could leave it at the bar for a few minutes while he went to do something. To cut a long story short, he came back three days later.

So, this little pup came home with us, where he’s now been living for about two weeks. The original owner doesn’t seem to want him back, so now we’re trying to find him a good home…

A Little Bit About Chucky

Chucky puppy Peru

This little puppy, who at this very moment is biting my big toe, is a mestizo mutt of very uncertain ancestry. But he’s a hilarious little bastard who has earned the name Chucky. At least for now.

We reckon he’s about six weeks old, give or take a couple of weeks either side. His feet are kind of small, so I doubt he’ll grow to be more than a medium-size dog. Hobbies include climbing, eating, biting toes and squeaking. He also likes to run around like a demented wind-up toy.

All in all, he’s a cool little chap with a big personality. And he needs a good home.

Give a Dog a Home in Tarapoto

If there’s even just a tiny chance you’d consider adopting little Chucky, feel free to leave a comment below or email me through the contact page. You can come visit him, either at my house or at our bar, and see if he’s the dog for you.

He’s a lovely little thing, and we’d happily keep him if we didn’t already have Max, our ever-growing labrador. In a perfect world, Chucky would end up in a good home with a person who’d be happy to let us visit him occasionally.

We could also look after him if you ever need to travel or whatever.


Chucky sleeping

Chucky sleeps a lot, either in his bed (which you can have if you take him) or on the cool floor.


Chucky the Peruvian dog

He also likes to play fight, but really needs to improve his defensive positioning.