I’ve previously featured some old photos of Tarapoto on this blog, thanks to Vincent Tufano and his guest post, Tarapoto As I Remember It in the 1970s.

For more historic photos of Tarapoto and the wider San Martin region, check out the following Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tarapotoantiguo.

Tarapoto Antiguo is packed with black and white photos covering Tarapoto, Lamas, Moyobamba, Yurimaguas and more (even leaving the San Martin region for forays into Tingo Maria). I particularly like the photo of Laguna Venecia (where I take my dog swimming), which today is surrounded by trees and other vegetation but back then appears to have been surrounded by agricultural land.

To get you in the mood for a trip back in time, here are the rest of Vincent Tufano’s photos of Tarapoto and Lamas from the 1970s, previously unpublished (thanks again Vincent!).

Man on horse

Man on horse (photo © Vincent Tufano)

Lamas, Peru, 1974

This location in Lamas looks very similar to the spot on which Lamas Castle now stands. But I might be imagining things… (photo © Vincent Tufano)

Tarapotinos or Lamistas

Locals removing beans from pods? Or doing something else? What do you think? (photo © Vincent Tufano)


Lamistas (photo © Vincent Tufano)

Lamas Peru

View from Lamas, presumably… (photo © Vincent Tufano)

Street in Lamas

A bolder-strewn street in Lamas (photo © Vincent Tufano)

Old photo of Tarapoto, Peru

Best guess: a regional government building in Tarapoto (photo © Vincent Tufano)

Photo of San Martin, Peru

Um… I’m not too sure what I’m looking at here. Anyone? (photo © Vincent Tufano)