peru-tarapoto-banderaTarapoto Life is, as the name would suggest, all about the city of Tarapoto, Peru. Written by a Tarapoto resident (that would be me), not by a visiting guidebook writer, this is first-hand information that changes with the Tarapoto times.

Here you can find details about Tarapoto hotels, tourist attractions, events, restaurants and more. I’ve been living here for almost two years, so there are also a few posts about living in Peru and all the ups and downs of the expat life.

All questions and comments are gratefully received – the aim of this blog is to provide as much information as possible, so if you feel that you can add to any particular topic (or if you disagree with anything written here) then feel free to express yourself. You can contact me directly through the contact form with any questions or suggestions, or you can use the Tarapoto Life Facebook page.

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Tarapoto Life es, como su nombre indica, todo sobre la ciudad de Tarapoto, Perú. Escrito por un inglés que vive en Tarapoto, aquí encontrará información que cambia con los tiempos de Tarapoto. Puedes encontrar información sobre los hoteles de Tarapoto, los lugares turísticos, eventos, restaurantes y mucho más. He estado viviendo aquí casi dos años, así que escribo sobre la vida en el Perú y la vida expatriado también.

Would You Like to Write for Tarapoto Life?

I’m always more than willing to consider guest posts for Tarapoto Life. Hotel reviews, general experiences and random ramblings are all good. Payment will be made after 2012, but only if the Mayan prophecies prove to be true (links to your blog, website or whatever will be included before the end of the world). If your English isn’t great, don’t worry, I’m happy to help out (you can write in Spanish if you like and I’ll translate).

Si desea escribir algo para este blog, me envía un correo electrónico utilizando la página de contacto. Tarapoto Life está escrito principalmente en Inglés, pero usted puede escribir en español y lo puedo traducir.

A Note on Advertising

As of January 2011, I’m looking for local businesses (hotels, tour agencies etc) to advertise on Tarapoto Life. This will not affect any reviews I write about said establishments. To be honest, I’m only approaching businesses that I’m familiar with and that I consider to be of a high standard. Unlike many Peruvian brands, Tarapoto Life will remain free from biased propaganda and trans fatty acids.

Tarapoto, Peru. Welcome to Tarapoto Life!

Tarapoto, Peru. Welcome to Tarapoto Life!