Author: Tony

How to Cut Your Lawn With a Machete

  Howdy folks! Today we’re going to learn how to cut your lawn with a machete! Step 1: Pay someone S/30 to cut your damn lawn with a machete. Step 2: Go out for the day so you don’t feel bad about watching a guy who’s probably a lot older than you cutting your damn lawn with a machete. Step 3: Buy beer and return home at 4 p.m. to pay the man S/30 plus an extra S/10 for all his backbreaking labor. Step 4: Drink beer in the setting sun while admiring your perfectly trimmed lawn. Great work!...

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Tambo Andina: A Good Cheap Hostel in Tarapoto

A few people have recommended Tambo Andina to me recently, including a friend who stayed there for about three months. So I went to pay the hostel a visit and look around, and it definitely seems like a great option if you’re looking for a cheap hostel in Tarapoto. Tambo Andina falls into what Spanish-speaking backpackers call the BBB category of hostels: bueno, bonito y barato. Good, attractive and cheap. On top of that, Tambo Andina’s friendly female owner, Deny, will make you feel at home. The location is also good, in a nice part of town (Partido Alto)...

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