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There isn’t a huge amount of quality content online about Tarapoto, Peru (especially in English). I’m going to use this page to post links to any really good websites, blogs or articles I come across on the web. Click on any of the titles to open the article in a new page.

Websites & Articles – Tarapoto, Peru

Birds in Tarapoto: This is a section on the website with 3 pages of photos showing some of the birds of Tarapoto. I see some incredible birds round here but I never know what they are. This website is going to be my new bird identification tool.

David Rumsey Map Collection (Tarapoto): There is something kind of fascinating about this map of Tarapoto from 1865. There’s not a whole load to see, but if you click on “view larger, zoomable image” you can scroll around the map trying to work out where exactly you are.

Juleen and Joe’s Adventuras del Mundo: The Tarapoto entries in this blog (from April 2010) are worth checking out. The first entry (which I’ve linked to) is a quite a funny piece about Tarapoto. After this the author writes about his work with URKU, a non-profit environmental organisation based in Tarapoto.  It’s interesting stuff, have a look.

Chocolate Travel Diversions: A great chocolate blog with two posts about Tarapoto: Growing cacao in Peru and Orquidea Chocolate from Peru.

My Own Tarapoto, Peru Articles from Around the Web

Tarapoto Travel Guide: My city guide for Tarapoto over at my main website, New Peruvian.