Support Tarapoto Life

In a cunning attempt to actually make some money from this blog, I present to you the “Support Tarapoto Life” page.

Here’s the deal… If you buy stuff on or, please consider using the following search boxes rather than going directly to Amazon. The search boxes below work just as they do on Amazon — type your query (choose a category if you like), hit search and you’ll be sent to the standard Amazon results page. The cunning part of all this is that anything you then buy will earn me a tiny little percentage as an Amazon affiliate (this is taken out of Amazon’s cut — you’ll still pay exactly the same as normal).

Here you go…. This one is for

And this one is for the UK:

Once you arrive at Amazon through one of these boxes, you can browse the site as normal — I’ll still get my cut of anything you may buy (try to buy really, really expensive stuff like diamonds and plasma screen TVs).

Your support would be greatly appreciated!