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Tarapoto Calling

This little blog has been sadly static since December 2012 due to various character flaws such as...

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Living in Peru and the Delights of DIGEMIN

A couple of regular TarapotoLife readers have noticed that I’ve been absent for a while (Vincent, Michael, thanks for getting in touch!). Well, I think I’m officially back. It’s a pleasantly fresh day here in Tarapoto, the...

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The Curse of Tarapoto

From my fourth floor “flat” I have a great view over Tarapoto. I can also hear all of the various noises that drift across the city – the birds chirping, the drone of the mototaxis, the horrific wailings of karaoke singers and...

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A Year in Tarapoto, Peru

I’ve been living in Tarapoto for just over one year. The time has passed quickly, although when I think back to my first few days here it seems like a lifetime ago. My first impressions of this town were not great to be honest –...

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