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Petroglyphs of Polish, Tarapoto: Photos

I went back to the Petroglyphs of Polish a few days ago. It was a slightly odd experience because the man who looks after the place seemed to be talking nonsense. Previously, the guardian has been shy but informative, even if he...

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Tarapoto Street Parades – Surprise Tactics

Colourful street parades happen every now and then in Tarapoto, but they seem to be organised covertly, springing themselves upon the population without any prior warning. I, at least, rarely seem to know in advance. It’s kind...

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Tarapoto As I Remember It in the 1970s

The following article is a guest post by Vincent Tufano, a New Yorker with a Doctorate in Political Science who wrote his doctoral dissertation on Peruvian politics. Vincent is the author of Empires of Gold, an action-packed...

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