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15 Years in Tarapoto

I’ve been living in Tarapoto, Peru for 15 years now. And after a long, long break I’m posting once again at Tarapoto Life.

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Beware the Tarapoto Hangover

My birthday yesterday. Hangover today. Can’t sleep. Can’t think. Might cry. OK, so it’s not that bad, but hangovers really do wipe me out these days. I used to shrug them off with relative ease, but since moving to Tarapoto my...

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Miss San Martin 2010, Tarapoto, Peru

Beauty contests are a big thing in San Martin. It seems like every town and every village, no matter the size, nominates a Miss each year. There’s Miss Tarapoto, Miss Morales, Miss Moyobamba, Miss Tocache, Miss Wherever and so...

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A Year in Tarapoto, Peru

I’ve been living in Tarapoto for just over one year. The time has passed quickly, although when I think back to my first few days here it seems like a lifetime ago. My first impressions of this town were not great to be honest –...

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