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Tingo Maria to Tarapoto Road – Update

I did the trip along the Tarapoto to Tingo Maria road a few weeks ago (March 2010) and it was fun and free of problems. However, there is good news and potential bad news for anyone thinking of doing the same. The good news...

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A Successful Peru Family Holiday

Successful and free from disasters! All in all, a great Peru holiday for me as well as my Mum, Dad and brother. So, I’m back in writing mode with a whole lot of things to catch up on. Firstly, a very brief report about the...

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The Tarapoto – Tingo Maria Road

There is now an updated post about the Tingo Maria to Tarapoto road. I’ve read a few warnings about the Tarapoto to Tingo Maria route. Lonely Planet (6th Edition) says that the journey “is still dangerous and not...

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The Peru Pishtacos

I first heard about the Pishtacos just over a year ago when I was in Tingo Maria. The girl who told me this story (who later became my girlfriend, despite her tall stories) assured me that it was true. Needless to say,...

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