diario-ahora-tarapoto-newsUpdate July 2015: The information below is now out of date, but you can still see and download the latest edition of Diario Ahora from http://impresa.diarioahora.pe/sanmartin/

The San Martin – Tarapoto edition of the Diario Ahora newspaper wasn’t printed yesterday due to some problem with the printing press. The entire January 29 edition, therefore, has been put online as a free PDF file for download. I don’t think that the paper is normally available online in this format, but I could be wrong.

Tarapoto News, Real Estate and Dragons

Anyway, I thought some readers might be interested in having a quick browse. It’s all in Spanish, obviously, but you can always look at the pictures. I also received an email recently asking about real estate advertising in Tarapoto, and this newspaper has a few ads that might be of interest (at the bottom of page 6). PDF documents are easy to print out, so you can also have hours of fun doing the crossword, word search and learning how to draw a dragon (kangaroo?).

Here are two links, one direct to the PDF and one to the Diario Ahora website where you can download the file. Both links might have a limited lifespan, so don’t delay, download today…. (I’ve got a copy of the PDF, no viruses, safe to download).

  • Diario Ahora Jan 29 (PDF)
  • Diario Ahora Download Page