In an attempt to engage with the wonderful world of multimedia, I’ve been trying to figure out how to upload some of my videos onto YouTube. Now, this isn’t a complicated process, but things can get a little frustrating when your internet moves along at a pensionable speed. A 50-second clip taking six hours to upload? That’s just rude.

Anyway, after three days of swearing, giving up and then trying again, I’ve finally managed to achieve some respectable upload times. I’ve been forced to reduce the quality slightly, but it’s not too bad. I still prefer the written word, but videos do offer an alternative window into the wonderful world that is Tarapoto, Peru.

A Peruvian Dance Routine from Miss San Martin 2010

In celebration of my uploading success, I am going to give you some dancing (it seemed appropriate in some peculiar way). I shot this slightly wobbly footage during the Miss San Martin 2010 beauty contest. The dancers are students from the Universidad César Vallejo here in Tarapoto, and they go about their routine with gusto. So, without further ado: lights, camera, action…

I’ve got quite a backlog of videos to upload, some of which will appear on TarapotoLife while others may go to the Facebook page or just hang around on my YouTube channel. Let me know if there any problems with the above clip – I might need to do some tweaking.