When I came back out to Peru with the intention of living here, I basically had no idea what I was going to do for cash (something I had very little of upon arrival). Teaching English was the obvious option, but it certainly wasn’t something I longed to do.

I’d brought my laptop from the UK, with this little idea in the dark depths of my mind that I’d make a living writing. It was a sketchy plan at best, but I threw myself into it with aplomb, learning as much as I could about being a freelancer. Financial meanderings, ups and downs, bad months and good months have been with me ever since. It hasn’t been easy, for sure, but it’s how I’ve paid my way for the last two and a half years in Tarapoto.

A New Peru Travel Writing Job

I’ve been on the up slowly but surely, trying to make a name for myself as a Peru-based travel writer. Recently, I had an application accepted to try out for a newly created Peru Travel Guide position for About.com, part of The New York Times Company.

After a reasonably intense one-month test period (during which TarapotoLife, and pretty much everything else, was put to one side), I was offered a contract. I’m not the kind of guy who jumps up and down in celebration, calling all his friends and clapping his hands in a bubbly and buoyant fashion, but I was definitely chuffed (is that an English expression?).

Anyway, my new Peru Travel site has just gone live, so feel free to head over and have a look around. It’s not bursting with articles just yet, but it will definitely get there.

My Peru Blogs

A huge positive to the About.com gig is that I should now have more time for my two Peru blogs, and more time for travelling around this great nation.

In a nutshell, these are my ongoing Peru projects:

  • Freelance writing
  • TarapotoLife – the good old Tarapoto blog; still a hobby rather than a money-maker, but I’m determined to one day get it to come up number one in Google search results when you search for “Tarapoto” (no quotes!).

Thanks for sticking around. And don’t forget: if you’re coming to Tarapoto, I’m normally available for beers…


Here’s a random photo of some happy Tarapotinas. Well, apart from the young lady on the left, who didn’t seem to like the look of me.