Update July 2015: due to the fact that most nights are now expat nights at Huascar Bar, we’ve since abandoned the official Monday thing. So just come along whenever and hang out and I’ll introduce you to the regulars, foreign and Peruvian alike.

I can now confirm that the first Monday of every month is officially Expat Night at the Huascar Bar (starting Monday, April 7).

Unofficially, expat night started about three months ago, but a) I didn’t tell many people about it and b) I forgot to go on every single occasion, which didn’t really set a good example…

Before I continue, I appreciate that you may be the type of person who’d normally run a mile from such a potentially cliquey scenario, and I certainly know where you’re coming from. But it’s basically a good excuse for a few beers, and there certainly won’t be anything exclusive about it.

So bring your husbands and wives and uncles and mistresses and whatever and we’ll stick on some music and shoot the breeze for a few hours.

Locals, Huascar Bar regulars and wayward wanderers of any ilk are more than welcome — and actively encouraged — to come along, regardless of nationality, creed, current residence, hairstyle or taste in music (although requests for cumbia will be swiftly rebuked and denied).

One last thing: if you wish to engage in combat with another expat during Expat Night, please respect the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

That’s all. Thanks.

Huascar Bar expats, Tarapoto

In this photo, we can see a variety of male personages commonly dubbed as “Expatriates,” “Expats,” or “Gringos.” These light-skinned men are, from left to right: a dubious Belgian; a pensive American (U.S. variety); an inebriated-looking young American (U.S. variety); a flying Dutchman (reference); and, finally, an outrageously good-looking and intelligent Englishman.