Doña Zully

On the first Sunday of June, I was invited to attend the first “Spanish Sunday” at Doña Zully, a restaurant located on the second block of Jr. San Pablo de la Cruz (it used to be on the main square).

I wasn’t too sure what the lunch would entail, but I did know that it was some kind of Spanish-orientated expat gathering with Spanish food at its core.

As it turned out, I was the only English interloper in what was otherwise a gathering of continental Europeans and Peruvian locals. Spain, Italy and France were all represented, alongside Doña Zully herself and some of her family.

Now I’m not a huge fan of formal dining, especially when I don’t know many of the people around the table. I also had a hangover, which didn’t help. But any trepidation that lurked in my slightly throbbing skull soon began to dissipate as the lunch progressed.

As it turned out, this inaugural Spanish Sunday proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable affair, with good company, good food, and good Chilean wine.

The event itself was conceived by the restaurant’s new Spanish chef Javier Mosquera Guasch, a man from San Sebastián in the Basque Country, so food was naturally the focal point. Chef Javier was there to eat (and drink) with us and explain each course as it arrived, which is good if — like myself — you’re a relative novice when it comes to Spanish food.

Courses included classic tapas items, soup and a main plate…

Spanish tortilla

A classic Spanish tortilla to get lunch rolling…. (photo © Tony Dunnell)

Starter at Doña Zully

A very tasty tomato-based spread on crunchy bread. I’m not sure what the official name is…. (photo © Tony Dunnell)

Spanish breaded food things

These things were really good, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what they were called or what exactly was in them. I really should have been paying more attention (photo © Tony Dunnell)

Soup at Doña Zully

Yep, the food keeps on coming…. (photo © Tony Dunnell)

Meat at Doña Zully Spanish Sundays, Tarapoto

The hearty main dish kept all the meat eaters happy (there was talk of paella next month, which would be awesome). This was followed by dessert, which I ate before taking a photo (photo © Tony Dunnell)

Chef Javier and Doña Zully are planning to hold a Spanish Sunday at the restaurant on the first Sunday of every month. Partly due to the 2014 World Cup, however, Spanish Sunday in July is scheduled for the third Sunday — July 20. The menu will include arroz negro (a type of paella but with squid-ink black rice), callos a la madrileña (a Madrid-style tripe dish – I’ve been assured that it’s good), various tapas dishes and then coffee with tocino de cielo (a traditional flan-type dessert).

The price per person will be S/.30, which includes all the wine you can drink (within reason, presumably). And while the lunch is expat-oriented to a certain extent, everyone is welcome to come along.

If anyone wants details about the next Spanish Sunday, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll ask Chef Javier for an update.