Amidata computer repair tarapoto

Amidata, my store of choice for computer repair in Tarapoto. Photo by Tony Dunnell.

I’ve been to a few computer stores in Tarapoto over the years, normally for repairs to my PC or laptop, or to buy accessories. And after dealing with most of these stores, I’ve wanted to burn them to the ground.

Seriously, they’re bad, bad, bad. I’m a patient guy and I’m accustomed (as much as I can be) to the often lamentable level of service in Peru, but these places… boy oh boy.

So it was with great joy that I discovered Amidata maybe six years ago. In that time, they’ve built me a computer to my required specs, ordered specific parts and accessories for me, cleaned and repaired my computer and laptop on numerous occasions, and generally been polite, efficient and patient.

Sure, they’re not perfect. But by Tarapoto standards, they rank up there with my favorite stores in the city (and I don’t have many of those, mainly because I loathe shopping in almost every form, apart from shopping for alcohol).

I especially recommend Amidata if you need to repair your computer in Tarapoto. The technician is a nice guy, and they won’t start stealing your parts (secretly swapping them out for lesser hardware etc.) or any of that skullduggery. In all the time I’ve used Amidata, they’ve only ever failed to fix one problem (something to do with my graphics card), which is a pretty solid success rate.

And on not one occasion have I wanted to burn their store to the ground, which saves on stress and matches.

Amidata Computer Repair, Tarapoto

Amidata is centrally located at Jr. San Martín 364. The store is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (I’m pretty sure they open on Saturdays too, at least sometimes). Website:

Amidata Tarapoto computer store

Amidata computer store in Tarapoto. Photo ©2018 Google.