Tarapoto Max

It’s been almost exactly 15 years since I first moved to Tarapoto, which is a crazy thing to think about. It was way back in 2009 that I created this blog — a blog I have sadly left dormant for six years, because I was doing other stuff. Really important stuff, like defending my home from jaguars and fending off roving bands of cannibalistic tribal maniacs (I know that’s not politically correct, but try telling them that).

Apart from that, things have been quite quiet. Tarapoto is still just as wonderful as it ever was, albeit not quite as safe as it was when I published my first ever post on Tarapoto Life (an important topic that I will cover again soon, if I can be arsed).

So yeah, I’ve been writing mainly. Most people in Tarapoto still have no idea what I actually do. I think they assume I stay inside my house all day pulling the pud, venturing out at night to feed on the weak. Or something like that. I guess they are half right, at least.

This post might signal the revival of Tarapoto Life. But it might not. I’m not sure yet. I’m mostly focused on writing science fiction these days, and I’ve had a few stories published and a whole shit ton of rejections, which as any writer will know is part of the process.

Anyway, I’m going to throw this post out into the ether and see, initially, if this blog still has any life left in it. Or if it’s riddled with so many bugs and glitches that I might just let it fade back into dormancy.

Leave a comment if you like, and if you’re ever in Tarapoto then come to Black Dog bar and say hello, it’s where me and my crowd hang out.