I was contacted by Michelle James about a month ago. Michelle works for Leopard Films, the company that produces the television show House Hunters International. Michelle asked me if I’d be interest in appearing on the show as a relatively new arrival in Peru. I was interested – it sounded like fun – but I rent my flat so I didn’t fit the bill.

House Hunters International

Michelle is still looking for anyone who might be interested in appearing on the show. She’s also considering other areas of Peru, but if there are any Tarapoto residents out there who are interested then let me know. Here’s the official blurb:

“If you are currently looking for or have recently bought a home abroad, we’d like to put your story on TV!

Our hit show is looking for energetic individuals, couples and families to share their story about moving abroad. Participating in our show is a lot of fun and a great way to document your exciting search for a home and new life abroad.   Contributors should be fluent in English and between the ages of 25-50 with fun, enthusiastic personalities.

If you are interested in participating with our show or learning more, please send an email to househunterscasting@leopardfilms.com.”

You can use the email above to get in touch, or send me an email through the “About Tarapoto Life” page and I’ll give you Michelle’s email. You can also post any questions in the comments box. Thanks.